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Aubergine Sky

Not sure there’s much I can say about this, it’s an autobiographical story about a walk.

Aubergine Sky

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A fun “new-retro” platform game, with a twist, a soundtrack by Demoscene Time Machine, baby robots, and unlockable top-hats. What more could you want? (Feel free to answer that).

Lazyness and real life meant it took forever, but it’s the first ‘proper’ game I’ve completed in a long long time, so I’m pretty proud of this one.

For Windows + Linux.


Only Forward

My entry into Ludum Dare 13. A sort of road-based, stripped-back, twisted-up version of pacman.

Only Forward Screenshot

I was trying to focus pretty heavily on polish above all else whilst I was making it. So despite the 48 hour time limit I’m not unhappy with the result. I enjoyed making it a great deal, and it was pretty well recieved as well, which was a huge bonus :-)