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My entry into LD 19. A moody anti-platformer.

Husk screenshot.

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Okay, so full disclosure here..

I didn’t make Face Time, not one bit of it. It was entirely the work of Noyb, all the credit belongs to him. I’ll explain..

It was created, and was published here as part of a Masquerade themed experimental game creation/publishing arrangement. I published Noyb’s game, my game Ascension was released by agj, his game Doppelganger was released by Michael Brough and his game The Sense of Connectedness was published by Noyb, completing the circle.

It was a very interesting experiement to be a part of, even if the result couldn’t exactly been considered a resounding success. For me, a large part of what appealed about taking part was the creation of a bit of a meta-game. The hope was that people might notice that something felt a little bit off with the feel of one of the games, and would be able to chase the chain round, unravelling the mystery. It seems we seriously underestimated the difficulty and obscurity of the challenge we created, because all four games were taken exactly as they appeared.

It’s been a weird couple of weeks since the games have been released, I’ve lived vicariously on the fortunes of Face Time, and have felt almost completely detached from the game that I put my time into making. If anything I’ve come away with the feeling that the only people we’ve really confused are ourselves, but that’s okay.

For better or worse, we made (and finished) some games that otherwise wouldn’t have been made, and I for one, despite, or even because of the weirdness rather enjoyed the experience. A success? Not really, but not exactly a faliure either. Live and learn..

The others have written up their thoughts on the experiment too: [agj] [Michael] [Noyb]

Face Time

A Ren’Py game.

Face Time

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