Face Time

A Ren’Py game.

Face Time

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  1. [...] Face Time is a short visual novel that consists of just two acts, made by Jonathan Whiting (Collateral, Love Letter) using the free Ren’Py engine. You play as a protagonist who had recently suffered through a break-up, looking to bounce back quickly when the opportunity presents itself as a masquerade party. [...]

  2. Sergio says:

    Does the protagonist have prosopagnosia?

  3. Noyb says:

    @Sergio – Yes, that was the intention. I’m glad it came through!

  4. crom says:

    Well nice one, but why so tight moral in it? We dont live in 19th century anymore do we? (btw very unmoral under a nice victorian polish)

  5. xiayou says:

    VERY THANK YOU for creating macintosh version of game.