Pebbles rolling out to sea, rubbing against each other in the waves, gradually smoothing and [[breaking|Erosion]] away.
Time breaks down, destroys. All things [[erode|Erosion]] eventually. [[Chris]] had always loved fossils. He'd skip down beach, giddy with the mystery, the potential; and later spend long hours imagining tiny creatures long gone.
Her arms swing free in loose clothing and she [[walks|Walking2]]. Cropped hair bouncing lightly. Her gaze drawn left by the shadow of the [[cliffs|Cliff]] hanging high to her left.\n<<set $paces = $paces + 1>> \n<<if $paces gt 10>>\nA break emerges between the rock walls. This time it feels right, she feels she can go [[leave|Ending]].\n<<endif>>
She shivers slightly; her bare feet pressing against cool night sand. She step evenly [[along the beach|Walking1]]. The [[dark sea|Sea]] shimmers to her right.\n<<set $paces = $paces + 1>> \n
Ghost grey [[clouds|Clouds]] obscure a part of the view. In the gaps [[stars|Stars]] shine piercing, bright.
She stares long at the morse code blink of the bouys. C C C C C C. Her vision swims, the [[lights|Points of Light]] grow abstract.
It's been a year since she last set foot on the beach. Since she lost [[Chris]]. It seemed best to forget, suffer in land-locked simplicity; but the tides pull is not something you can fight.\n<<set $paces = 0>>
Unnatural [[bright sparks|Points of Light]] held rigid in the in impermanent sky; holding promises of comfort and of distance.
The points of light swirl and shift. She blinks the moisture from her eyes. Shakes her head slightly, and [[walks on|Walking1]].
A wake of half footprints trail behind her; water seeping inthe gaps. Her legs the vessel sailing her [[onwards|Walking0]]. She looks up into the night [[sky|Sky]].\n<<set $paces = $paces + 1>> \n
The near shore glistens and grumbles with the incoming tide. A little further out a gross [[crumbling rock tower|SeaStack]], stands in black outline against the [[dark sky|Sky]]. Further still a group of [[bouy|Bouys]] blinks an orange dash-dot-dash-dot.
The sea stack stands proudly independent, out of the mainlands reach. A small shape descends from it's peak. Black feathers ruffling as they hit the breeze. The [[cliff|Cliff]] sides licked high with swell water.
Chris... A repetition of loving, painful visions. First steps. Stick creatures. Bobble hat's and baby food. Dinosaurs Dinosaurs. His lonely smile.\n\nShe gasps down a breath, and [[strides|Walking0]] on.
[[Chris]] couldn't stand clouds. Like there was something wrong with the obstruction of anything. A need to see all the way to the horizon. Like he knew he'd fade away into the fog and not return.
By the time she reaches her B+B, the tears are dry. She smiles slightly, softly in the dark. It will never be fine, but it can become bearable.
She pictures an eternal division. Ever smaller pieces until nothing remains but clean sea air. Her [[footsteps|Walking2]] eventually bring her back to earth.
Jonathan Whiting
The loose packed-cliff crumbles slowly into the sea. Impeceptible aside from the ocassional skip and roll of a loose [[pebble|Pebbles]] to the bottom. Deep in the structure, [[fossils|Fossils]] hide from sight; forgotten relics without meaning.